Opened on Monday July 2nd 2012 at the popular Parton Road shopping parade.

From the begginning The Lost Sock’s concept was to operate a bright clean new laundrette, not just somewhere to take your laundry, but a destination in its own right.

The former bakers shop has been completely refurbished and kitted out as a fashionable, modern new laundrette. As one new to the industry there was a lot of research to be done and a lot has been learned since opening.

JLA were helpful from the start in choosing the right laundry environment who are the UKs leading manufacturer of equipment.

The lost sock currently has 6 washers and 7 dryers, all provided by JLA UK Ltd.

The washing machines offer excellent water extraction and spin programmes. Our customers like the large doors for easy loading/unloading and simple choice of programmes which are simple to understand, not to mention the 40lb washer ideal for duvets and large items.

The gas heated energy efficient dryers have proved to be a great success, saving you money and time.

The Lost Sock offers two types of washes, serviced and self service.

Customer satisfaction levels are high to ensure they return each week.

The hottest wash programme takes 30 minutes and drying the same time, so our customer know they can complete the whole process within an hour, which is a lot quicker than they could achieve with their domestic washer.

Our goal has been to make The Lost Sock a nice place to stand time, we have a few customers who tell us they ‘come here to get away from the house and have a good old chat’. Cleanliness is an important part of holding our image, customer comments like how modern we are, and easy to operate machines an dhow clean the laundrette is makes a real difference when it comes to building up a new business. The ever increasing and popular pickup and drop off service has become an important part of the business.

Our customers range from young single people to busy professional types and finally busy mums taking full advantage of our service wash and shirt ironing service.

Modern apartments are getting smaller with less room for washing and drying. Indoor drying can cause health and condensation issues.

As well as domestic customers The Lost Sock has built up a clientele amongst local businesses washing towels for many local hairdressers, small hotels etc. Many local businesses have no teamed up with the lost sock including A.R.F.C. and Aylesbury FC to launder their sports kits etc.

It is a pure misconception that laundrettes are expensive, which you take in to account domestic energy prices and time impact it can work out more cost effective for you to use a laundrette like The Lost Sock.

You can contact us on: 01296 33 77 94